The 2024 Arizona Voters’ Agenda illuminates voters’ priorities and big questions for candidates.
Arizona Voters Agree On Key Issues
(NAPSI)—There could be good news for many Arizonans concerned about the future of the country and their state in these contentious times. Center for the Future of Arizona’s (CFA) statewide survey …
States with the biggest mental health care deserts
ADHD Advisor used data from the Health Resources & Services Administration to map and analyze mental health provider shortages across the U.S.
Even where abortion is legal, there are high barriers to obtaining one while in jail
The Marshall Project reports on jail policies in 13 states that found vague, confusing or nonexistent guidelines and major hurdles to obtaining an abortion.
How access to affordable housing impacts public health
Foothold Technology used data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to explore how access to housing impacts health, and vice versa.
From content creation to companionship, here's how people say they hope to use AI
Verbit analyzed Microsoft survey data, released this year, to see how excited people around the world are about AI and what they hope to use it for.
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2024's worst cities for grass allergies this summer

Lawn Love ranked nearly 380 U.S. cities to help determine 2024's worst cities for grass allergies this summer.

Which states have the worst substance abuse problems?

Counseling Schools looked at data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to see which states have the worst substance abuse problems.

La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil destaca las oportunidades

La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil destaca las oportunidades

(NewsUSA) - La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil, una iniciativa del Departamento de Trabajo de EE. UU., presenta una variedad de eventos y oradores en lugares de todos los Estados Unidos para mostrar …

No Child is Forgotten By Marine Toys for Tots

No Child is Forgotten By Marine Toys for Tots

(NewsUSA) - Marine Toys for Tots, known for its core mission of Christmastime charitable efforts, has evolved into a year-round force for good – ensuring that no child is forgotten any day of the …

Marine Toys for Tots is Honored with Humanitarian Award

Marine Toys for Tots is Honored with Humanitarian Award

(NewsUSA) - Thanks to the ongoing support of the American public, the Marine Toys for Tots Program was honored to receive the esteemed Humanitarian Award at the 26th Annual CBS Family Film and TV …

Practical Presents: Father's Day gift ideas for hard-to-buy-for dads

(Family Features) Shopping for your dad on Father's Day each year can be a challenge. However, focusing on the things he enjoys such as music, exercising or hobbies like woodworking or metalworking can send you down the right path.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

(Family Features) To show your mom just how much she means to you, choose a Mother's Day gift that reflects her interests and passions. As you're looking for the perfect gift, consider these thoughtful ideas that will touch her heart.

4 Things Parents and Youth Athletes Should Know About Concussions

(Family Features) Despite the attention drawn to the topic of concussions over the past decade, it can be difficult to find readily available answers about what parents and young athletes should do after sustaining a concussion.

How does America play video games? A new study highlights our habits
(BPT) - Did you grow up playing video games and still enjoy them today? If that sounds like you, you're in good company. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) just released its annual …
The Milk Bank Challenge: Empowering women to donate breast milk to babies in need
(BPT) - Did you know women can donate their breast milk to infants in need? It's a powerful opportunity to have a profound impact on families, yet many women simply don't know it exists. But there's …
Preparing for the future: What you need to know about life insurance
(BPT) - While you can’t predict everything life may throw at you, you can still set yourself up for some of life’s uncertainties. One way you can prepare for any situation and provide for …
Why do people hate people?
Have you ever said “I hate you” to someone? What about using the “h-word” in casual conversation, like “I hate broccoli”? What are you really feeling when you say that you hate something or someone? Curious Kids is a series for …
3 steps to save a life
(BPT) - You're on your way to work when a car crash happens. A backyard bonfire takes a turn while chopping firewood. While in your backyard, a neighbor has an accident …
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How a Manual Washing Machine Can Help Reclaim Time, Improve Lives

(Family Features) An estimated 60% of the global population wash clothes by hand and the burden falls mostly on women and girls, which means spending up to 20 hours each week doing laundry instead of going to work or school.

Decorate Your Way to a Festive St. Patrick's Day

(Family Features) Pairing Shepherd's pie and potato soup with green pints and Irish delights are surefire signs of St. Patrick's Day celebrations. A few seasonal touches are all it takes to complement a menu of corned beef and cabbage.

Marine & College Student Charts his Own Path to Success through Community Builder Scholarship

(BPT) - Students with the drive, enthusiasm and commitment to improve their communities can take those qualities even further, with some support. That's the main idea behind the Frito-Lay Community …

Staying odor-free this summer with whole body deodorant

(BPT) - For those looking to tackle body odor this summer, the new Secret Whole Body Deodorant provides clinically proven odor protection for up to 72 hours. It’s gynecologist and dermatologist …

12 ideas for home improvement projects to do now

(BPT) - May is National Home Improvement Month! As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it's the perfect time to breathe new life into your living space, whether you're looking to revamp …

Contest Rewards Bearded Men Who Combine Good Grooming with Goodwill

(BPT) - Across the nation, whiskered men are making the world a bearder place to live; or in other words, they are contributing positively to their communities. Whether they're aiding the homeless or …

Honor Mothers by Improving Maternal Health Care

(BPT) - On Mother’s Day, we celebrate moms across the U.S., and their journey to and through motherhood that can be beautiful, messy, and sometimes overwhelming. From gathering information …

Which U.S. cities are best for new college graduates?
SmartAsset determines the best overall places for new college graduates, ranking 370 metro areas based on metrics for the job market, costs and social aspects.
Is AI as capable as humans? Here's how far artificial intelligence has come.
Image generation is just one area in which AI use is exploding. Verbit used data from academic research to see how AI is progressing.
The outsourcing of housework is on the rise—and it's creating a shift both inside of the home and out
hampr spoke with industry experts, scholars, and domestic workers' rights organizations to explore the rise and implications of outsourcing housework. 
In the interest of profits, female student-athletes get left behind more than 50 years after Title IX
Using data from the Department of Education, investigated ongoing disparities in treatment for collegiate female sports more than 50 years after Title IX. 
How Pennsylvania secures mail ballots, prevents fraud, and makes sure votes count
Votebeat reports on how Pennsylvania is making sure its mail-in ballots are counted in its elections.